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Are you tired of relying on other people to help you get around?  Are you sick of wasting hours waiting on the bus?  Are you a first-time driver and you are nervous about getting behind the wheel?  Or, you can’t find anyone patient enough to teach you how to drive?
Look no further because we have your solution.   Regardless of driving skills, whether you are learning how to drive for the first time or just brushing up on driving basics, we have you covered, and we can help you accomplish your goal of driving independence.

At Tri-City Driving School, we have been teaching adults how to become experienced safe drivers for over 30 years.  Our one-on-one Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons can help you improve your safety and advance your driving techniques. Our customized service, friendly scheduling, and affordable pricing make us the driving school of choice by many drivers.  During each lesson, our highly-trained instructors will help give you safety tips while reviewing Virginia’s current and new driving laws. We offer lessons in a no-stress, comfortable environment with limited distractions.  Our lessons are delivered by state certified driving instructors, who have attained all state educational as well as criminal background clearances.  Tri-City Driving School is here to ensure you drive with confidence on the road and behind the wheel.

You will learn:

  • How to Control the Automobile on the Road

  • The Use of Appropriate Vision Skills

  • Line Position

  • How to Maintain a Safe Following Distance

  • Right-of-Way

  • The Difference Between Traffic Signs and Road Markings

  • Reversing

  • Proper Highway and City Driving

  • How to Pull In and Out of Parking Spots

  • Proper U-turns

  • How to Become an Expert at Parallel Parking

  • K-turns

  • And More!


This level is for students with little to no driving experience.  You are provided with a short demonstration drive.  Your first lesson covers vehicle control, left and right turns, scanning, smooth stops, and an introduction to light traffic including lane changes.  You will receive a written evaluation of your driving performance and an estimate of additional training needed. 

DMV Review Lesson

Tri-City Driving School offers a lesson devoted to the DMV's Road Test Preparation.  This course is designed for students who have some driving experience and want to 1) polish up their driving skills, and 2) learn what is expected to pass the driving test including DMV's procedures, rating system, most common automatic failures, and we provide you with additional tips on how to pass.

Remedial Lesson

This course is available for individuals who have not driven in some time or would like to brush-up on skills.  Our Remedial lessons will have you driving like a experienced driving with a solid knowledge of road safety.

Semi-Private Lessons

We conduct our lessons using the piggy-back system.  Upon the conclusion of the first student's lesson, we may pick-up the next student who will then drive the first student home. The instructor will conduct a demonstration drive back to first student's home if the next student has little to no driving experience.  Completely private lessons are available for extra fee.

FEES:  Adult In-Car Driver's Training Program: 

  • $120 = 2 hours           

  • $360 = 6 hours   


Adults must have a valid learner permit.




All training vehicles are 4-door, automatic transmission with dual controls. Small "Student Driver" stickers are placed on side doors and rear bumper.  


For In-car training, we require a 24-hour notice of cancellation.  Late cancellations, same day cancellations and “No-Show’s” will be charged a $60 Missed appointment fee.

Department of Motor Vehicle - Tri-City Driving School, LLC Approved

The knowledge you need to earn your license is just one click away.  Start driving safer and better at Tri-City Driving, Virginia's state approved training school. Our classes fill up fast, so register, today! 

"Ms. Tracy was the absolute best! My experience with her driving school was great. I love her technique, she knew everyone was nervous and etc. but she made us all comfortable by having us socialize. She is very professional and helpful. I would and already have recommended my friends to her. Hands down she's an awesome driving coach and I'm happy that I chose her school!!!! " ~ Denise Dyson

"Ms. Tracey is an amazing instructor! This is the second time I've had to take her class. The first time I dreaded going but once Ms. Tracey came in to the room laughing and joking it changed my entire view on it. She made it interactive for everybody and kept the class laughing the entire time. She provoked intelligent discussion among my peers and that's something you just don't find nowadays. Especially not for 55 dollars. I was so happy with my first experience that today I even brought a friend to take the class with me. I would recommend her class to anyone! You will not be disappointed. That's a promise."

~ Christopher M.

"This was the first time I ever had to attend a driving improvement clinic. The instructor, Tracy, made it so easy and fun! She was extremely knowledgeable and professional! I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone who needed it!"

~ Arquesia Green


Over 30,000 people are killed in motor vehicle crashes each year in the United States. In 2013, crash deaths resulted in $44 billion in medical and work loss costs in addition to the immeasurable burden on the victims’ families and friends.